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CCS second-ever consultation on Singapore-specific commitments to address merger concerns (+)

Changes to Companies Act on 3 January 2016: ACRA provides guidance on updating shareholder information on ACRA Electronic Register of Members (+)

Launch of BizFile+ on 3 January 2016: ACRA extends filing time for certain transactions (+)

ACRA provides guidance on areas of review focus for FY2015 financial statements under the Financial Reporting Surveillance Programme (+)

Changes to CPF salary ceiling and contribution rates for older workers with effect from 1 January 2016 (+)

Intellectual Property
Singapore High Court dismisses application to amend patent (+)

Maritime & Aviation
Singapore High Court considers remedy of specific performance in shipbuilding and ship sale contracts (+)

HSA consults on proposed subsidiary legislation for transfer of controls of pharmaceutical products to Health Products Act: Proposed definition of “therapeutic products”, licensing regime and clinical trial controls (+)

Singapore Exchange
SGX gives six-month extension to companies carrying out share consolidation to meet Minimum Trading Price requirement (+)

SGX issues Guidance Note on “Understanding the Requirement to Provide Privy Persons List” (+)

Ministry of Social and Family Development seeks feedback on proposed changes to Mental Capacity Act (+)

Singapore Court of Appeal upholds HDB’s decision to compulsorily acquire flat from owners (+)

UK Supreme Court endorses decision of Singapore Court of Appeal and reinstates old tests for implying terms into contract, and considers claim for refund of rent paid in advance (+)

2015 in review: Key legal and regulatory developments (+)

Regional News
Upcoming Malaysian Companies Bill 2015 (+)

Myanmar’s new competition law effective on 24 February 2017 (+)

Central Bank of Myanmar and the International Monetary Fund to report on plan to tackle dollarisation in Myanmar (+)

Ministry of Commerce in Myanmar allows foreign companies to trade in fertilisers, seeds, pesticides and hospital equipment through a joint venture (+)

The changing landscape of ASEAN merger control (+)

Lexology Merger Control Navigator - Singapore chapter (+)

Practical Law Joint Ventures International Transaction Guide (+)

Establishment of S$2 billion multicurrency medium term note programme and issue of S$300 million notes by Singapore Technologies Telemedia Pte Ltd (+)

Tender offer to purchase outstanding US$811.152 million notes and content solicitation by STATS ChipPAC (+)

Issue of US$425 million 8.5% Senior Secured Notes due 2020 by STATS ChipPAC Ltd. (+)

Issue of S$700 million 3.25% fixed rate notes due 2025 by SP PowerAssets Limited under its S$8 billion global medium term note programme (+)

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