20 April 2017

Allen & Gledhill Partners Daren Shiau and Elsa Chen contributed this article to the European Competition Law Review. The enforcement of cartels, and correspondingly, the sophistication of the competition law regimes in introducing leniency programmes similarly vary across the ASEAN Member States. Where there is cartel enforcement, but no leniency regime in place, the obligations between ASEAN Member States to co-operate in investigations can have an impact on multi-jurisdiction leniency strategy in Southe-ast Asia. The risk that an admission of the infringement as part of leniency sought in one ASEAN Member State giving rise to an investigation in another ASEAN Member States where there is no leniency programme in place should, and can, however, be managed in practice, as this article explains. This material was first published by Thomson Reuters Limited in Daren Shiau and Elsa Chen, “Emerging trends in leniency regimes in Southeast Asia - how these impact on multi-jurisdiction leniency strategy” , (2017) 38(4) E.C.L.R. 165, and is reproduced by agreement with the Publishers.”

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