30 May 2018

On 27 April 2018, the Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (“TAFEP”) launched the new Tripartite Standard on Age-friendly Workplace Practices. Adopters of this Tripartite Standard are committed to being age-inclusive in areas such as selection and hiring, training, job redesign, salary increments and re-employment. This Tripartite Standard was launched at the Conference for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices 2018 organised by TAFEP.

The Tripartite Standard sets out the following specifications:

  • Age is not a selection criterion used when advertising for, shortlisting or selecting job candidates.
  • A member of the senior management is appointed to champion age-friendly workplace practices.
  • Older employees are trained to perform their jobs effectively. Under the Tripartite Standard, older employees refer to employees aged 60 and above.
  • Workplace health programmes for older employees are implemented.
  • Jobs and workplaces are designed to be age-friendly.
  • Older employees who are not at the maximum of their salary ranges and have satisfactory work performance are given annual increments, if other employees are also given annual increments.
  • Employees are engaged on re-employment issues at least six months prior to reaching the retirement age of 62, and for any subsequent extension of the re-employment contract. Employees are offered re-employment contracts at least three months before they are to be re-employed, with a duration of at least one year.

Another initiative shared at the conference was the Fair and Progressive Employment Index (“FPE Index”), jointly developed by TAFEP and the National University of Singapore. The FPE Index aims to help organisations enhance their competitiveness by adopting a fair and progressive workplace culture, enabling them to effectively recruit, retain and engage the right workforce and become employers of choice. The FPE Index allows participating organisations to benchmark themselves against their industry peers and other organisations.

About the Tripartite Standards

Tripartite Standards are aimed at increasing the adoption of fair and progressive workplace practices in Singapore. They complement existing laws and Tripartite Guidelines and Advisories. Each Tripartite Standard sets out verifiable and actionable practices in a specific area of employment which employers can publicly commit to adopt and implement at their workplaces.

Employers which publicly adopt the Tripartite Standards will be listed on the TAFEP website and can use the relevant Tripartite Standards logomark in their job advertisement and marketing collaterals. Jobseekers and employees can then identify such employers and the specific progressive employment practices implemented by these employers.

Reference materials

The following materials are available on the TAFEP website www.tafep.sg:


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