30 May 2018

On 8 May 2018, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (“URA”) issued a circular on “New Bicycle Parking Standards and Associated Gross Floor Area Exemption” (“Circular”). The Circular took effect from 8 May 2018.

The Circular provides for a new bicycle parking provision standards for developments, and new gross floor area (“GFA”) exemption criteria for active mobility related facilities. These steps are taken as part of the Singapore Government’s plan to promote cycling as a mode of transport in Singapore.

New bicycle parking standards

The Land Transport Authority (“LTA”) is introducing a new bicycle parking provision standard for all new developments and buildings undergoing redevelopment or reconstruction. This mandatory requirement takes effect from 8 May 2018 for any new application for new development, redevelopment and reconstruction works submitted to URA. For example, for residential developments and retirement housing, the requirement is to provide one bicycle parking space for every four or six dwelling units, depending on the zone in which the development is located.

Developers are also encouraged to cater to both short-term and long-term bicycle parking needs as specified in the Circular. The recommended distribution of short-term and long-term bicycle parking spaces is set out in the Circular. For example, for residential developments and offices, the distribution of short-term and long-term bicycle parking spaces is 20% and 80% respectively.

Incentives for bicycle parking-related facilities

The Circular also sets out incentives for the provision of bicycle parking-related facilities as follows:

  • Gross floor area (GFA) exemption: Bicycle parking spaces provided according to LTA’s new bicycle parking provision standards will be exempted from GFA computation. The GFA exemption will also apply to surplus provision of bicycle parking spaces over and above LTA’s minimum requirements if assessed by LTA and URA to be reasonable in the context of the development. In addition, provision of end-of-trip facilities as listed in the Circular, such as showers and lockers, may also qualify for GFA exemption. This is to encourage developers to provide end-of-trip facilities to better meet the needs of cyclists.
  • Travel Smart Grant (Developer): On 29 September 2017, LTA extended the Travel Smart Grant to developers to co-fund the cost of providing end-of-trip facilities. LTA will co-fund up to 80% of the construction costs of end-of-trip facilities for each successful Travel Smart Grant (Developer) application, up to a maximum of S$80,000 per development. A total sum of $3 million has been allocated as a Travel Smart Grant (Developer) for developers and building owners. This grant will be available until 31 May 2019.

Reference materials

To read the Circular from the URA website www.ura.gov.sg, please click here.


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