Christmas Dinner cum Charity Fair

Christmas is about the spirit of giving and sharing. In 2019, we held a special year end event by inviting non-profit organisations to join us at our Christmas Dinner by to set up booths to sell their merchandise. These organisations include Pathlight (The Art Faculty), EDEN + ELIE, TeddyThotz, WISE Enterprise, Beyond Social Services and Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter (OSCAS). The charity fair saw the sale of artworks, handcrafted jewelleries, crocheted items, beautiful knick-knacks and much more. All proceeds raised went towards the causes of the respective organisations.

food & craft fundraising fair

Our staff came together to do their part for charity by selling food or hand-made crafts at our Food & Craft fundraising fair, which was held on Monday, 19 November 2018 at the auditorium in our office. The fair featured intricate handicrafts and an array of sumptuous food items such as nasi lemak, fried carrot cake, Nyonya kuehs plus many more, which were personally prepared by our A&G volunteers. All proceeds raised from the fair were donated to our adopted beneficiary, Yong-En Care Centre.

Fundraising was made easy with the generosity of colleagues who snapped up the items sold at the Food & Craft Fair. I am thankful for such a great opportunity to contribute back to the society!Business Services Staff at A&G


Monday, 24 September 2018 was no ordinary day at Rahmat Lim & Partners’ (our associate firm in Malaysia) office – as the firm came together for its very first Food Fundraiser. Instead of the usual lunch hour traffic at the lifts, the traffic was caused by members of the firm queuing to make their lunchtime orders with lawyers and staff who had set up their respective booths at our very own reception area. The ambience was as hectic as it was merry.

Business was terrific and the one hour lunch break passed by in a jiffy as the food sold out quickly. All in all, the RL&P staff managed to raise a sum of RM3,958 from the food fundraiser. All proceeds will be donated to Agathians Shelter and Rumah Kasih Charity Home.