6 May 2020

Limited partnerships are generally recognised globally as the dominant legal vehicle used for structuring private equity investments and private funds as they are well understood by both investors and fund managers alike. This article provides an overview of the common features found in limited partnerships and why they are suited to be used for private funds. It also discusses other key considerations when structuring private funds as limited partnerships. Please click here to read this article.

This is the third article in our “Trilogy on Private Funds”, a series of articles covering a comprehensive range of private fund vehicles, including the various fund structuring options available and some of the key legal, regulatory and tax considerations. To read more, please refer to our articles titled “The increasing popularity of private funds” for an overview of private funds and the available fund vehicles in Singapore and “The Singapore variable capital company: A new flexible business vehicle tailored for investment funds” for an overview of the new variable capital company framework for investment funds which was launched on 15 January 2020.