30 May 2023

On 12 May 2023, the Myanmar Ministry of Education issued the 2023 Private Education Law (“PEL”) with immediate effect. The PEL supersedes the 2011 Private School Registration Law and requires private education institutions, including technical and vocational training schools, to register with a new central registration body. Private education institution teachers are also required to register with the new body under the new regime. 

Pursuant to the PEL, a central Supervisory Board will be formed to oversee the issuance of private school and teacher registration, setting out the standards for the same, and other functions as required. Regional Supervisory Boards will also be established. The Supervisory Boards will evaluate all applications to register and determine compliance with the Myanmar Investment Law and other applicable laws. Private schools are also required to submit annual reports to the Supervisory Board. 

Registration under the PEL once granted is valid for five years. Private education institutions registered prior to the PEL have a grace period of one year to re-register with the Supervisory Board. 

All private education institution teachers, both foreign and local, must also register with the Supervisory Board with their registration being valid for a period of three years. Private schools are required to inform the relevant regional Supervisory Board of the appointment, suspension or dismissal of all foreign teachers and staff within 14 days. 

Failure to register as a private education institution or as a private education institution teacher will attract significant fines and/or the possibility of imprisonment.