28 August 2020

Three years after Law No. 2 of 2017 on Construction Services (“Construction Law”) was enacted, the Indonesian government finally passed the Construction Law’s implementing regulations (Government Regulation No.22 of 2020 on Implementing Law No.2 of 2017 on Construction Services ("GR 22/2020"), which came into force on 23 April 2020).

Before GR 22/2020 came into force, construction services in Indonesia were implemented by the following Government Regulations that were all passed under the old construction law regime (that is, Law No.18 on Construction Services):

  • Government Regulation No. 28 of 2000 on Businesses and Roles of the Construction Services Community;
  •  Government Regulation No. 29 of 2000 on Implementation of Construction Services; and
  •  Government Regulation No. 30 of 2000 on Implementation of Construction Services Development.

With the coming into force of GR 22/2020, the above Government Regulations have been revoked and replaced.

This is an extract of an article by Soemadipradja & Taher, an Indonesian law firm with which Allen & Gledhill has a strategic alliance. To read the full article from the Soemadipradja & Taher website www.soemath.com, please click here.