Last updated on 2 November 2023

This is the personal information protection statement (this “Statement”) of Allen & Gledhill LLP (“Allen and Gledhill”) with respect to our processing of Personal Information (as defined below) within or from the territory of the People’s Republic of China (which for the purposes of this Statement, excludes the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the PRC, the Macau Special Administrative Region of the PRC, and the Taiwan region) (“PRC”). This Statement explains how we collect, use, share and store your Personal Information, and your rights regarding your Personal Information.

This Statement is intended to help you understand:

  1. What is Personal Information
  2. How we collect and use your Personal Information
  3. How we share, assign, disclose, and entrust other parties to process your Personal Information
  4. How we store your Personal Information
  5. How your Personal Information is protected
  6. Your rights
  7. Protection of minors
  8. How this Statement is updated
  9. How to contact us

Please read the following information carefully to understand our practices regarding your Personal Information and how we treat it. This Statement may be updated from time to time and any amendments or revisions made to this Statement will be published on our website. If you have any questions about this Statement, please contact us using the contact details provided at the bottom.

What is Personal Information

Personal Information means all kinds of information related to identified or identifiable natural persons that are electronically or otherwise recorded, excluding information that has been anonymized.

How we collect and use your Personal Information

Your Personal Information will be collected and used when you contact, communicate, or interact with us, including via the following ways:

Use of the Website or social media accounts: Provision of Personal Information is not required to browse our Website. Where you use, access, or follow our public or official accounts on social media platforms such as WeChat, Weibo, or LinkedIn, we will collect your Personal Information about your account and records of your interactions with us on the respective social media platforms (including your account name, avatar, gender, region, and other public information).

Registration for events: Where you sign up for our online or offline events via the Website or on social media platforms such as WeChat, Weibo, or LinkedIn, such as lectures, seminars, webinars, functions, and on-site visits, we may collect your name, contact information, employer’s name, title, and email address to complete the registration for such events and provide you with event-related information.

Recruitment: Where you submit an application for a position with us, we may collect your basic contact information (including name, email address, and phone number), identity information (including identity card name and number), your curriculum vitae (containing your education and employment history) and other relevant materials for the purpose of screening, assessing, and employing candidates.

Provision of services to you: Due to the international nature of the Allen and Gledhill network, where you have engaged us to provide services to you, your Personal Information may be collected, used and disclosed by our offices, affiliates, service providers and agents worldwide to enable the provision of services to or for you; to enable compliance with applicable laws, regulations, industry codes and guidelines; and for internal audit purposes.

Publications: Where you have requested to be on our mailing list to receive our electronic publications (including bulletins, updates, alerts, reviews, invitations and announcements) via our electronic Subscription Form or otherwise, we will use your Personal Information to send such publications to you. You may cancel the subscription in multiple ways, such as clicking the “unsubscribe” link in our emails or sending an email requesting cancellation to

Cookies: We use cookies for web analytics. Disabling cookies in your browser will not affect your user experience.

Exceptions to prior consent for collecting and using Personal Information: Under the following circumstances, your Personal Information may be collected and used without your consent:

  • The processing is necessary for the conclusion or performance of a contract to which you are party;
  • The processing is necessary for our performance of legal duties and obligations, such as for the purpose of national safety and defence security, criminal investigation and prosecution, cyber security audit;
  • The processing is necessary to respond to public health emergencies or for the protection of public security or significant public interests;
  • The processing is necessary to protect the life, property or other significant legal rights and interests of you or other individuals and it is impracticable to obtain prior consent from you or other individuals;
  • The Personal Information is collected from legally and publicly disclosed information; or
  • Other circumstances as stipulated by applicable laws and regulations.

How we share, assign, disclose, and entrust other parties to process your Personal Information

We will not share your information with any company, organization or individual unless: with your explicit consent; as stipulated by applicable laws and regulations, or by the compulsory requirements by the competent authorities; shared with our offices, affiliates, service providers and agents worldwide; shared with our authorized partners who are bound by strict confidentiality and security requirements. We will not transfer your information to any third party, unless with your explicit consent, for example, if you re-assign our services to a third party, we need to transfer the relevant information accordingly. We will disclose your Personal Information only in particular situations: with your explicit consent; or as required by applicable laws and regulations.

How we store your Personal Information

Personal information collected under circumstances set forth in this Statement will in principle be stored within the PRC and will not be transferred overseas, unless it becomes necessary to transfer your Personal Information overseas (such as to share your Personal Information with our offices, affiliates, service providers and agents worldwide). In such event, we will do so in strict compliance with applicable laws and regulations and your Personal Information will be shared only with a limited number of relevant individuals on a need-to-know basis in connection with their job responsibilities.

Unless otherwise permitted by you, your Personal Information will be retained for as long as that is necessary to achieve the purposes for which it was collected and to comply with the applicable data retention policies (including for the purposes of satisfying any legal, accounting or reporting requirements) or as required or permitted by applicable laws and regulations.

How your Personal Information is protected

We understand how important it is to keep your Personal Information safe. We have therefore employed reasonable physical, technical, and administrative measures and safeguards to protect your Personal Information against foreseeable risks, including unauthorized visit and access, public disclosure, improper use, modification, or destruction.

No network can be completely secure due to limitations of technology and risk prevention measures, and we make no guarantees on such security, even though we make every reasonable endeavour to protect your Personal Information. In case of a Personal Information breach or other data security incident, we will initiate our emergency response plan and take measures to contain the situation and minimize any negative consequences to you. If you suspect that your Personal Information is breached, please immediately contact us using the contact details listed under “How to contact us” in this Statement so that we can take corresponding measures.

Your rights

You have the right to access, copy, and correct your Personal Information. If you find any errors in your Personal Information that we processed, you have the right to ask us to make corrections. If you find our processing of Personal Information violates any applicable laws or regulations, or without your consent, you have the right to ask us to delete your Personal Information. You also have the right to change the scope of your authorization. If you withdraw your consent, we will no longer process your Personal Information, but your withdrawal of consent does not have retroactive effect.

You can raise your above requests by contacting us using the contact details listed under “How to contact us” in this Statement and we will generally respond within the legally stipulated time limit. For security reasons, you may be asked to submit the request in writing or prove your identity or in other ways.  We may ask you to verify your identity before processing your request.

Protection of minors

Children under 14 years old are not the target audience for the Website. We generally do not intentionally collect, use or disclose Personal Information from such minors except where permitted by applicable laws and regulations, expressly consented to by such minors’ parents/guardians, or necessary for the protection of such minors. Please contact us using the contact details listed under “How to contact us” in this Statement if you believe that we have any Personal Information from any such minors without their parental/guardian consent, we will promptly investigate and remove such Personal Information.

How this Statement is updated

This Statement may be updated from time to time in response to changes in legal, technical, and business conditions. The date on which this Statement was last updated is stated in the “last updated” date” displayed at the top of this Statement. We will not make updates to this Statement in a way that significantly diminishes your rights under the current version without your explicit consent. If you continue to use or access this Website or other social media platforms such as WeChat, Weibo, or LinkedIn or to otherwise interact with us, you are deemed to have acknowledged and accepted the updated Statement.

How to contact us

If you have any enquiries, comments or suggestions about our collection or use of your Personal Information or this Statement, we would be pleased to receive them if you contact our Data Protection Officer by email at

If you would like to receive information about the Personal Information we have in relation to you, to update such Personal Information or to withdraw any consent you have provided to us previously, please contact our Data Protection Officer by email at



本声明为 Allen & Gledhill LLP(以下简称“安盛”)就我们在中华人民共和国(为本声明之目的,不包括中华人民共和国香港特别行政区、中华人民共和国澳门特别行政区及台湾地区)(以下简称“中国”)境内或从中国境内处理个人信息(定义见下文)所作的个人信息保护声明(以下简称“声明”)。本声明解释了我们如何收集、使用、共享及存储您的个人信息,以及您就您的个人信息所享有的权利。


  1. 什么是个人信息
  2. 我们如何收集和使用您的个人信息
  3. 我们如何共享、转让、披露及委托他人处理您的个人信息
  4. 我们如何存储您的个人信息
  5. 我们如何保护您的个人信息
  6. 您的权利
  7. 未成年人保护
  8. 本声明的更新
  9. 如何与我们联系













  • 处理您的个人信息系为了签订或履行您作为一方当事人的合同所必需的;
  • 处理您的个人信息系为了我们履行法律职责和义务所必需的,例如为了国家安全和国防安全、刑事调查和控告、网络安全审计目的;
  • 处理您的个人信息系为了应对公共卫生突发事件或为了保护公共安全或重大公共利益所必需的;
  • 处理您的个人信息系为了保护您或其他个人的生命、财产或其他重大合法权益,并且无法事先获得您或其他个人的同意;
  • 个人信息是从合法公开披露的信息中收集的;或
  • 适用的法律法规规定的其他情形。















本声明可能会根据法律、技术和业务条件的变化而不时更新。本声明的最后更新日期显示在本声明顶部的“最后更新日期”中。未经您的明确同意,我们不会以严重削弱您在当前版本下的权利的方式对本声明进行更新。如果您继续使用或访问本网站或其他社交媒体平台(如微信、微博或 LinkedIn),或以其他方式与我们互动,则被视为您已确认并接受更新后的声明。