30 May 2023

The Indonesia Ministry of Education issued Regulation No. 23/2023 on 28 March 2023 (“Regulation”). The Regulation permits higher education institutions accredited and/or recognised in another country (“Foreign Institution”) to operate higher education institutions in Indonesia. The term “higher education” is defined in the Regulation to mean post-secondary education (that is, undergraduate, masters, doctoral, and professional programs).

The Foreign Institution must meet the following requirements, in addition to other requirements that the Ministry may impose:

  • Ranked among the 200 best institutions in the world; or
  • Having a field of study that is ranked among the 200 best programmes in the world.

The Indonesian campus will be a “branch” of the main overseas campus and be operated by a non-profit organisation. The main campus must bear the name of the Foreign Institution and must obtain an operating licence from the Ministry.