26 February 2019

On 23 January 2019, the Info-communications Media Development Authority (“IMDA”) issued a media release announcing that Singapore has released its Model Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) Governance Framework (“Model Framework”) for public consultation, pilot adoption and feedback.

The Personal Data Protection Commission (“PDPC”) and IMDA with the advice the Advisory Council on of the Ethical Use of AI and Data (“Advisory Council”), proposes for consultation this first edition of a voluntary Model Framework as a general, ready-to-use tool to enable organisations that are deploying AI solutions at scale to do so in a responsible manner. Organisations are invited to share feedback with PDPC on the Model Framework, specifically:

  • Practical examples that would aid in illustrating section(s) of the Model Framework; and 
  • Experiences in implementing the Model Framework. 

The closing date for the submission of feedback is 30 June 2019.

First in Asia to provide detailed and readily implementable guidance to private sector organisations to address key ethical and governance issues when deploying AI solutions, the accountability-based Model Framework aims to frame the discussions around the challenges and possible solutions to harnessing AI in a responsible way.

The Model Framework seeks to help organisations achieve the following objectives:

  • Build consumer confidence in AI through the organisations’ responsible use of technologies to mitigate different types of risks in AI deployment.
  •  Demonstrate reasonable efforts to align internal policies, structures and processes with relevant accountability-based practices in data management and protection.

Organisations that rely on AI’s autonomous predictions to make decisions that affect individuals, or have significant impact on society, markets or economies should use the Model Framework.

The two high-level guiding principles underpinning the Model Framework are to help organisations ensure that:

  • decisions made by or with the assistance of AI are explainable, transparent and fair to consumers; and 
  • their AI solutions are human-centric. 

The Model Framework maps out the key ethical principles and practices that apply to common AI deployment processes in four areas:

  • Internal governance structures and measures: Adapting existing or setting up internal governance structure and measures to incorporate values, risks, and responsibilities relating to algorithmic decision-making. 
  • Determining AI decision-making model: A methodology to aid organisations in setting its risk appetite for use of AI, i.e. determining acceptable risks and identifying an appropriate decision-making model for implementing AI. 
  • Operations management: Issues to be considered when developing, selecting and maintaining AI models, including data management. 
  • Customer relationship management: Strategies for communicating to consumers and customers, and the management of relationships with them.

PDPC aims to update the Model Framework periodically with the feedback received, to ensure that it remains relevant and useful to organisations deploying AI solutions.

Reference materials

The following materials are available on the IMDA website www.imda.gov.sg and the PDPC website www.pdpc.gov.sg:


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