11 August 2023

On 1 August 2023, the Ministry of Manpower (“MOM”) implemented enhancements to its Self-Assessment Tool (“SAT”) to allow employers and employment agents to obtain an indicative application outcome, including COMPASS (Complementarity Assessment Framework) scores for Employment Pass (“EP”) candidates. This will allow organisations to plan ahead and predict whether an application or renewal request will be successful.

The enhanced SAT should be used to assess EP applications which are to be submitted from 1 September 2023 onwards.


The SAT is an online tool used to assess whether a candidate qualifies for an EP or an S Pass based on the information provided, such as salary, educational qualifications and work experience. However, it does not guarantee the actual outcome of the application as there are other checks that are not considered in this assessment.

As previously announced, EP candidates must pass a two-stage eligibility framework from 1 September 2023: (1) meet the EP qualifying salary, and (2) pass COMPASS. For more information on COMPASS, please refer to the MOM website www.mom.gov.sg for updates and our earlier article “MOM announces upcoming changes to Employment Pass eligibility”.

EP eService account needed to access SAT

In order to protect organisations’ data privacy relating to COMPASS C3 and C4 scores, only users who are granted EP eService access will have access to the enhanced SAT. Employment agencies will still be able to transact on behalf of clients, but they will only see the overall outcome of whether an application or renewal request meets the EP qualifying salary and COMPASS.