Demands of tax law

The benefits of a well-functioning tax environment are clear though the simplest and most effective regimes may still contain layers of complexity. The demands and rigours of navigating tax law and regulations are legendary. Doing so, nonetheless, is a necessary requirement for many businesses and entities.  

Expertise and network

Our Tax Practice, comprising decades of experience and depth of expertise in this specialised area of law, is able to advise and assist on all areas of tax in Singapore. In particular, we regularly provide tax advisory, structuring and planning services for major corporate and institutional clients, and have advised in numerous complex legal, commercial, and financial arrangements.

Our team frequently resolves tax issues directly with the relevant authorities, for instance, by seeking advance rulings and clearances on proposed schemes or transactions, thereby providing our clients with the ability to plan effectively. 

Led by our clients' needs

Our extensive range of clients includes local and multinational companies, financial institutions, business trusts, real estate investment trusts, issuers of capital market instruments, real estate companies, infrastructure-related entities, as well as high net worth families and private equity and hedge fund managers.

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