29 April 2020

Many if not most or all of you will be reading this from home. We are publishing this from home. Covid-19 has affected us and our workplaces in ways and on a scale few of us had foreseen or expected. Whether it be lockdown, movement control or circuit breaker, we are restricted in what we can do physically, but in an age of technological advance, we are free to explore what we can achieve virtually with the aid of connectivity tools and digital collaboration.

As Covid-19 started to spread across South-east Asia, we have been endeavouring to share with you insights on the evolving impact of the outbreak as well as the legal and regulatory measures put in place in response. We hope what we have shared has been useful. An up-to-date listing of our knowhow and materials may be found on our Covid-19 Resource Centre.

This April 2020 issue of the Legal Bulletin features predominantly items related to Covid-19 as it has been our main focus of attention. As long as the situation prevails, we will continue to cover Covid-19 developments to keep you abreast of constant changes. Should you have any feedback or ideas as to what aspects we might additionally cover, we would be pleased to hear from you. Please write to us at publications@allenandgledhill.com. We seek to stand by you as we all persevere in the circumstances. Thank you for your ongoing support and readership.