29 April 2020

After suspending several activities (including case handling, M&A assessment and notification processes) from 17 March 2020 to 6 April 2020, the Indonesian Competition Commission (Komisi Pengawas Persaingan Usaha or “KPPU”) has now issued Regulation No.1 of 2020 on Handling Cases Electronically (“Perkom 1/2020”) that came into effect on 6 April 2020.

Perkom 1/2020 will be the legal basis for KPPU to conduct electronic assessments of notifications, partnership supervision, examination of partnership cases, examination of late notification for M&A, case handling of anti-monopoly and unfair business competition cases, and hearings held before the Panel of Commissioners (“Activities”). As such, KPPU now continues to carry out the Activities amid the Covid-19 pandemic by utilising technolog and thus has not extended any suspension of any particular activities.

This is an extract of an article by Soemadipradja & Taher, an Indonesian law firm with which Allen & Gledhill has a strategic alliance. To read the full article from the Soemadipradja & Taher website www.soemath.com, please click here.


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