8 October 2020

Allen & Gledhill Partner Loong Tse Chuan contributed the following articles to Practical Law Cross-border Dispute Resolution:

    • Service of Claim Documents within the Jurisdiction and Abroad Q&A: Singapore: This article sets out the Singapore framework for service of claim documents (in relation to domestic and foreign proceedings) within the jurisdiction, and service of claim documents outside the jurisdiction. 
    • Recovery of Trade Debts Q&A: Singapore: This article provides information on the legal options available in Singapore to parties looking to recover a trade debt including ordinary legal proceedings, special fast-track procedures, insolvency proceedings and amicable settlement opportunities. 
    • Rules of Evidence (including Cross-border Evidence) in Civil Procedure Q&A: Singapore: This article provides an overview of the rules of evidence in civil proceedings in Singapore, including rules on the disclosure obligations of the parties, admissibility of evidence, witness evidence, the standard of proof, as well as issues that arise in gathering cross-border evidence.
    • Legal Privilege, Confidentiality and Professional Secrecy Q&A: Singapore: This article provides information on the laws relating to the protection offered in Singapore in relation to lawyer-client communications and the best practices in preserving the confidentiality, privilege and secrecy in those communications in business and commercial situations. 
    • Attachment Orders (Freezing Injunctions) Q&A: Singapore: This article provides information on the law relating to attachment orders in Singapore, including the grounds on which such orders are passed, the type of assets which can be attached, the procedure for applying for an attachment order and their enforcement. The article also covers the scope of attachment orders in relation to overseas assets and in support of foreign proceedings. 
    • Letter before Action Q&A: Singapore: This article provides Singapore-specific information on the legal issues relating to the practice of sending a final letter to a prospective defendant before a claim is issued.

These articles form part of the Practical Law Cross-border Resource Centre on Dispute Resolution.