27 April 2022

The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (“IPOS”) has announced that it will extend the SG IP FAST programme for two years from 30 April 2022 to 30 April 2024, and stop accepting requests under the 12 Months File-to-Grant (“12MG”) programme from 30 April 2022.

By way of background, the 12MG programme was launched on 1 August 2014 to offer patent applicants the possibility of obtaining the grant within 12 months from the filing of the application. 

On 1 May 2020, IPOS launched a separate SG Patent Fast Track programme to support the acceleration of patent applications in all technology fields, with patents granted in an even shorter period, but subject to certain requirements. The programme was then expanded on 1 September 2020 to allow applicants with a patent application accelerated under this programme to also request for the acceleration of their related trade mark and registered design applications. The programme was renamed SG IP FAST.

Under the SG IP FAST programme, IP applications can be accelerated as fast as follows:

  • Grant of straightforward patent applications: Six months
  • Grant of non-straightforward patent applications: Nine months
  • Registration of straightforward trade mark applications: Three months
  • Registration of non-straightforward trade mark applications: Six months
  • Registration of registered design applications: One month

From 30 April 2022, the following conditions will be revised:

  • The monthly cap for patent applications will be increased from the current five requests to 10 requests, with a cap of two requests per entity (individual or corporate); and
  • The period to file a request for acceleration of the trade mark and/or registered design application will be extended from the current one month to 12 months from the date on which the applicant is notified of the successful request for patent acceleration.

Requests for the acceleration of applications will be complimentary till further notice.

Further information about IPOS acceleration programmes and the SG IP Fast Track Circular are available on its website www.ipos.gov.sg.