The Right Fit

The best way of finding out whether we are the right firm for you is to spend time with us. Many of our interns return as Practice Trainees and qualify as lawyers with us.

What To Expect

An internship with us will provide you with a better understanding of our many specialised practice areas and will help you to decide which area of practice you are interested in. During your internship, you will be mentored by a Partner and will shadow an Associate who will help you get the most out of your internship.

Our internship programmes are designed to allow you to experience life as a lawyer and to gain an insight into our Firm's culture. You will have the opportunity to attend court hearings and client meetings, as well as to work on actual matters and undertake tasks such as preparing research memorandums and drafting legal documentation. You will also be invited to participate in training programmes organised for our lawyers so that you have an idea of the training you can expect to receive as a Practice Trainee and an Associate. Needless to say, our interns are also invited to join all social events, including our traditional welcome drinks for interns.

Internship PeriodS

We run four structured internship programmes, during which time you can join us for a period of three weeks. For 2021, the internship programme periods are:

  1. 10 May to 28 May
  2. 7 June to 25 June
  3. 5 July to 23 July
  4. 10 August to 27 August

Please note, however, that the duration and format of our structured internship programmes will be subject to change depending on the COVID-19 situation then. 

Whilst we do accept applications for internships outside of these periods on an ad hoc basis, we would encourage students to join us for the internship programmes as there will be planned activities and lectures for students.

Interns will be entitled to receive an honorarium during their period of internship with us.



For 2021, we are running four structured internships programmes from May to August and accept on average 50 interns per intake. We try to accommodate as many internship applications as we can but we do have to contend with space constraints.

We don't have fixed criteria when assessing internship applications and will consider each application holistically. While a strong academic performance would stand an applicant in good stead, we also consider other aspects such as an applicant's interests, extra-curricular activities and leadership roles.

You can express a preference for a department or practice area. However, due to space constraints, it may not be possible for us to accommodate all such requests.

We will consider any such requests, subject to administrative constraints. We would not recommend an internship shorter than two weeks as it may not allow you enough time to truly gain an insight into our Firm.

We do accept applications for internships outside of the scheduled periods on an ad hoc basis. However, we would encourage students to join us for the structured internship programmes as there will be planned activities and lectures for students.

Of course. An internship is the best time for you to find out which area of practice interests you.

We suggest that you start doing internships during or after you have completed your second year of law school as you will derive more value from your internship after you have some basic legal training.

Yes, you will have the opportunity to do actual legal work. The type of work which you get will however depend on factors such as the specific matters which are active during your internship.

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