29 August 2019

On 21 August 2019, the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (“IPOS”) announced Singapore’s introduction of the world’s first trademark registration app. Developed by IPOS, the app - IPOS Go - will allow businesses and entrepreneurs seeking trademark protection in Singapore to file their trademarks directly with IPOS via their mobile devices, making the process easier and faster.

IPOS states that filing a trademark on IPOS Go can take less than 10 minutes. The current time taken to file a trademark is an average of 45 to 60 minutes. IPOS is of the view that the app may encourage businesses to file directly with IPOS, hence potentially reducing costs.

IPOS states that IPOS Go reflects IPOS’ commitment to advance Singapore’s Smart Nation agenda as it offers digital innovations that will serve citizens and businesses better. The app further integrates artificial intelligence (“AI”) technology to enhance searches for similar trademarks on the IPOS register, which can prevent applicants from filings for trademarks that are too similar to existing ones. This new feature is essential as more than forty percent of the world’s trademarks filed today contain images. As the world continues to see a surge in trademarks filings, the new AI capability will help business owners better manage their brands.

Reference materials

 The press release can be found on the IPOS website www.ipos.gov.sg or by clicking here.


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