28 April 2021

On 5 April 2021, the Postal Services (Amendment) Bill (“Amendment Bill”) was passed in Parliament.

At her Opening Speech during the Second Reading of the Amendment Bill, the Senior Minister of State for Communications and Information, Sim Ann, announced the setting up of Pick Network Pte Ltd (“Pick”) as a fully-owned subsidiary of the Info-communications Media Development Authority (“IMDA”)
to establish, install, operate, and maintain as public infrastructure a secure, open-access nationwide parcel locker network (“Network”) for last-mile parcel deliveries for consumers and delivery service providers. The Minister explained that this best serves the interest of consumers and the industry, and avoids conferring an unfair competitive advantage upon any single player.

Pick’s purpose is to provide delivery service providers more options for the last-mile delivery of parcels, and increase their productivity and efficiency with fewer missed doorstep deliveries. The Network includes an interoperability platform which private locker operators can be part of, with any delivery service provider welcome to use Pick’s lockers.

The Minister also elaborated on the other aims of the amendments to the Postal Services Act, namely to:

  • level the playing field for the last-mile parcel delivery market by regulating the delivery of non-letter items, including through codes of practice or standards of performance on matters such as rates and charges;
  • support the continuity of postal services by ensuring the provision and maintenance of letterbox infrastructure; and
  • streamline and clarify existing provisions in the Postal Services Act, including clarifications that (1) intra-organisational mailroom services and messenger services are excluded from licensing, and (2) only specified public postal licensees authorised under their licences may provide for the postal remittance of money.   

Reference materials

The following materials are available on Singapore Statutes Online sso.agc.gov.sg and the Ministry of Communications and Information website www.mci.gov.sg: