28 May 2021

On 30 April 2021, the Info-communications Media Development Authority (“IMDA”) announced the launch of a nationwide parcel locker network (“Network”) operated by Pick Network Pte Ltd (“Pick”). The Network provides consumers with greater convenience, while enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of the urban logistics sector amid the e-commerce boom.

The Network is one of the world’s first open-access nationwide locker networks and will progressively be available for use by all logistics service providers (“LSPs”), e-commerce marketplaces, and their customers. This will complement existing doorstep deliveries and expand the options provided to consumers for receiving and returning their purchases, while improving fulfilment reliability and delivery productivity of e-commerce marketplaces and LSPs.

Online shoppers will be able to collect their purchases anytime from more than 200 lockers located in community clubs, Housing and Development Board (“HDB”) estates, and transport hubs. The first batch of more than 200 Pick lockers located islandwide have been deployed and will progressively be available for use. By the end of 2021, the Network is targeted to hit 1,000 parcel lockers, one year ahead of schedule.

About Pick

A Pick locker station typically comprises 40 to 50 lockers in six sizes. Security measures include CCTV cameras to deter vandalism or theft. There are also sensors embedded in every locker compartment to verify that the process of deposit or retrieval has been completed.

Pick’s Network will also help to minimise environmental impact by reducing repeat trips and fuel consumption by LSPs from failed deliveries. The Network is expected to reduce distance travelled for delivery purposes by 44% daily and Singapore’s CO2 emissions by up to 50 tonnes a year.

IMDA and Pick are working with HDB, Land Transport Authority, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of National Development, Ministry of Transport, People’s Association, Singapore Civil Defence Force and the Singapore Police Force on processes such as the siting of lockers and the co-development of safety and security guidelines, to ensure the smooth implementation of the Network.

Amended Postal Services Act in force from 14 May 2021

The Postal Services Act has been amended with effect from 14 May 2021 to put in place the statutory framework for the establishment, installation, operation and maintenance of a nationwide network of parcel lockers.

The Postal Services (Exemption from Section 39G) Order 2021 (“Exemption Order”) also came into operation on 14 May 2021. The Exemption Order exempts Blu Logistics Pte Ltd and Singapore Post Limited from section 39G(1) of the Postal Services Act, which makes it an offence for a person (other than the public parcel locker network operator) to provide or operate, or offer to provide or operate, a parcel locker.

Reference materials

The following materials are available on the IMDA website www.imda.gov.sg and Singapore Statues Online sso.agc.gov.sg: