12 June 2024

Allen & Gledhill Partner Dr Stanley Lai, SC, Senior Associate David Lim, and Associates Linda Shi and Justin Tay contributed an article titled “An exploration of AI evaluation regimes in Singapore and worldwide” to Bits & Bytes, a monthly online bulletin hosted on the website of the Centre for Technology, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and the Law (TRAIL) at the Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore.

The transformative potential of AI needs no introduction. Many organisations are increasingly exploring the possibility of implementing generative AI in their systems. It has also become manifestly apparent that deploying AI comes with several attendant risks, especially since the technology is new and rapidly developing. To manage these risks, governments have acknowledged that establishing AI evaluation models will help ensure that AI is developed with commensurate accountability, so as to foster public trust and the continued use of AI technologies.

Part 1 of the article reviews Singapore’s complex AI evaluation regime, setting out the key sources, principles, and approaches, as well as future developments. Part 2 reviews AI evaluation regimes in other jurisdictions and international organisations, setting out their similarities and differences in comparison and contrast to the Singapore regime.


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