29 May 2019

On 3 May 2019, the Electricity (Amendment) Act 2018 and the Gas (Amendment) Act 2018 (“Amendment Acts”) came into operation.

The Amendment Acts amend the Electricity Act and Gas Act to enable a more effective regulation of the gas and electricity markets, to enhance the security and reliability of gas and electricity supply, protect critical infrastructure and enhance competitiveness in Singapore’s energy market.

Amendments to the Electricity Act

The amendments to the Electricity Act are aimed at enhancing security and reliability of electricity supply, and protecting consumers’ interests. Key changes include:

  • Mandating connections between the electricity transmission licensee’s and an electricity licensee’s equipment for electricity transmission purposes. 
  • Enabling the Minister for Trade and Industry to specify other electricity related activities for licensing and regulation. 
  • Enabling electricity licensees to apply for judicial management with the consent of the Energy Market Authority (“EMA”). 
  • Clarifying the rights of small contestable consumers.
  • Clarifying liability of parties responsible for damaging land-based electricity transmission infrastructure.
  • Expanding enforcement against electrical works carried out without valid electrical licence by firms.
  • Enabling EMA to issue anti-competition guidelines.
  • Enhancing protection of submarine electricity cables.
  • Strengthening regulatory powers relating to dishonest consumption of electricity and meter tampering offences.
  • Enhancing appeal provisions.

Amendments to the Gas Act

The amendments to the Gas Act are intended to safeguard gas supply security and safety, as well as enhance the regulation-making powers of the EMA for the conversion of the town gas pipeline network to convey natural gas. Key changes include:

  • Expanding EMA’s powers to deal with severe gas shortage situations. 
  • Enhancing safety regulation of gas-related activities. 
  • Expanding the scope of “designated gas licensees” and special administration orders. 
  • Protection of submarine gas pipelines. 
  • Clarifying liability of parties responsible for damaging land-based gas transmission infrastructure. 
  • Enhancing deterrence against dishonest/fraudulent consumption of gas and meter tampering offences. 
  • Facilitating competition in the gas market. 
  • Clarifying and improving procedural and technical provisions.

Reference materials

The Amendment Acts can be accessed from the Singapore Statutes Online website sso.agc.gov.sg.


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