30 August 2022

Allen & Gledhill Partners Daren Shiau, Elsa Chen and Scott Clements contributed the following articles on competition law to the Practical Law Global Guides:

  • Cartel Leniency in Singapore: This article provides an overview of leniency and immunity, the applicable procedure, relevant regulatory authorities, and conditions to be satisfied. Also covered are immunity from civil fines to individuals, the scope of leniency, circumstances when leniency may be withdrawn, leniency plus, confidentiality and disclosure, whistleblower tools and protections, and proposals for reform.
  • Merger Control in Singapore: This article covers the regulatory framework, regulatory authorities, relevant triggering events and thresholds in respect of Singapore’s merger control regime. Also covered are notification requirements, procedures and timetables, publicity and confidentiality, third party rights, substantive tests, remedies, penalties, appeals, joint ventures and proposals for reform.
  • Restraints of Trade and Dominance in Singapore: This article provides a succinct overview of restraints of trade, monopolies and abuses of market power in Singapore. In particular, the article covers the regulatory authorities and the regulatory framework, the scope of rules, exemptions, exclusions, statutes of limitation, notification, investigations, penalties and enforcement, third party damages claims, joint ventures and proposals for reform.