30 August 2021

On 24 July 2021, legislative provisions in the Merchant Shipping (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act 2019 (“Amendment Act”), among other legislation, implementing the International Convention on Salvage 1989 (“Salvage Convention”) came into force in Singapore.

The Salvage Convention introduces (i) a criteria for fixing the amount of reward for salvors, and (ii) a special compensation to salvors who prevented or minimised environmental damage, even if the salvage operations failed to save the ship or its cargo.

Implementing provisions include:

  • Providing for a receiver of wreck and High Court to apportion salvage payable to several claimants according to the Salvage Convention (pursuant to the Merchant Shipping (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act).
  • Expanding the jurisdiction of the High Court to include any claim under the Salvage Convention, and any contractual claim for salvage services (pursuant to the High Court (Admiralty Jurisdiction) (Amendment) Act 2020).
  • Providing that a claim for services rendered in saving life from a ship is made under the Salvage Convention, and not under section 166 of the Merchant Shipping Act, as amended by the Amendment Act (pursuant to the High Court (Admiralty Jurisdiction) (Amendment) Act 2020).

Reference materials

The following materials are available from Singapore Statutes Online www.sso.agc.gov.sg: