27 February 2023

On 13 February 2023, the Ministry of Health (“MOH”) issued a press release stating that from end-2023, Nutri-Grade labelling requirements and advertising prohibitions will be extended to freshly prepared beverages intended for sale at specified settings. Currently, beverages subject to the Nutri-Grade requirements (“Nutri-Grade beverages”) include pre-packaged beverages and beverages dispensed from non-customisable automated beverage dispensers. Further, additional labelling requirements will be introduced to current Nutri-Grade beverages.

Details are set out below.


Additional measures will apply to freshly prepared and current Nutri-Grade beverages sold in specified settings, including (a) retail settings such as food and beverage outlets and catering establishments, and (b) non-retail settings such as hotels, workplaces, educational institutions, healthcare institutions and childcare facilities. Key features include:

  • Grading of freshly prepared Nutri-Grade beverages: Freshly prepared Nutri-Grade beverages must be graded “A”, “B”, “C” or “D”, according to the Nutri-Grade grading system which is based on the beverages’ sugar and saturated fat content.
  • Labelling requirements for grade “C” and “D” Nutri-Grade beverages: Grade “C” and “D” freshly prepared or current Nutri-Grade beverages must have a label next to the beverage listed for sale, such as on physical or online menus at their point of purchase. The labelling of Nutri-Grade beverages graded “A” or “B” will continue to be optional. A simplified Nutri-Grade mark has been developed and is to be placed next to the individual beverage listings.
  • Beverage information to be made available: Information on freshly prepared Nutri-Grade beverages, such as the amount of sugar and saturated fat, must be made available to any person who wishes to view the information, either through an electronic record or a physical copy.
  • Prohibition on advertisements: Advertisements promoting the sale of freshly prepared Nutri-Grade beverages graded “D” will be prohibited.

Concession for smaller food businesses

MOH and the Health Promotion Board (“HPB”) will provide a concession to individuals and entities running smaller food businesses that involve the sale or supply of freshly prepared Nutri-Grade beverages, if they (a) earn a revenue of not more than S$1 million in the latest financial year, and (b) sell or supply those beverages at fewer than 10 food premises. MOH will review this concession over time and adjust as necessary.

These individuals and entities will still be required to comply with the measures for existing Nutri-Grade beverages in pre-packaged form or dispensed from vending machines and non-customisable automatic beverage dispensers.

Consultation and continued partnership with industry stakeholders

From 9 February 2022 to 4 March 2022, MOH and HPB consulted industry stakeholders and sought feedback on the implementation of these additional measures. MOH has made available a summary of the stakeholders’ key comments and the Government’s clarifications and responses.

MOH and HPB are expected to publish the measures in mid-2023, with the measures coming into effect six months thereafter at the end of 2023. Annex A to the press release sets out a summary of the new requirements.

Reference materials

The following materials are available on the MOH website www.moh.gov.sg and HPB website www.hpb.gov.sg: