28 July 2023

Enterprise Singapore (“EnterpriseSG”) and CDP, a global non-profit organisation specialising in environmental disclosure for companies, have launched a new environmental disclosure programme for Singapore enterprises. This was announced by EnterpriseSG on 6 July 2023 and is part of its Enterprise Sustainability Programme.

Under this new environmental disclosure programme, Singapore enterprises that satisfy the eligibility criteria will have access to a structured framework that will guide them in disclosing their environmental data and performance, through CDP’s questionnaire approach covering three themes - climate, water security, and forests.

Participating companies will also receive benchmarking data on key performance indicators measured against industry peers, to help them better understand their performance, uncover risks and opportunities and integrate environmental considerations into their business strategy. Selected companies may also receive one-to-one advisory services from CDP to improve their disclosures and sustainability efforts.

To encourage environmental disclosure among companies in Singapore, EnterpriseSG will support 70% of the programme fees for the first year of disclosure.

Reference materials

The press release is available on the EnterpriseSG website www.enterprisesg.gov.sg.