30 January 2024

On 5 January 2024, the Centre for Climate Research Singapore (“CCRS”), under the Meteorological Service Singapore, released the findings of the Third National Climate Change Study (“Study”). The Study projects higher temperatures, more wet and dry extremes, and accelerating increase in mean sea levels for Singapore and South-east Asia by the end of the century. This is consistent with the findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 6th Assessment Report. A summary of the findings is set out in a joint press release by the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (“MSE”) and the Meteorological Service Singapore (“MSS”).

The press release explains that the Government will take into account the range of possible climate outcomes, including the high emissions pathway, in Singapore’s adaptation plans to ensure that Singapore remains climate resilient. Details of the Government’s current climate adaptation efforts are set out in Annex B to the press release.

MSS will share the Study data with ASEAN Member States at a later stage. In addition, MSS will collaborate with international entities and the wider scientific community to undertake joint research using the Study data.

To deepen the understanding of the impact of climate change, the National Environment Agency (“NEA”) launched on 5 January 2024 the second grant call under the Climate Impacts Science Research Programme for new research proposals on food security, impact on human health, water resources, sea level rise and impact on maritime infrastructure and the transport sector. In December 2023, eight projects were awarded under the Programme’s first grant call. These projects will make use of the Study results to look into areas like the impact of climate change on vector-borne diseases in Singapore and changes in Singapore’s tropical forest landscape, among others.

Reference materials

The following materials are available on the MSE website www.mse.gov.sg and NEA website www.nea.gov.sg: