27 March 2024

On 6 March 2024, the refreshed Singapore Geospatial Master Plan 2024 - 2033 (“Master Plan”) was launched. Jointly developed by the Singapore Land Authority (“SLA”) and the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (“MPA”), the Master Plan recognises the interconnection of marine and terrestrial data in addressing the unique challenges that Singapore faces as a small island nation and seeks to enable geospatial-enabled innovations to benefit more segments of society.

Building on the first master plan, this second iteration integrates land and marine spatial data development and charts the trajectory of national geospatial development for the next decade across terrestrial and maritime domains with a view to Singapore becoming a leading global geospatial hub.

The Master Plan outlines three key strategies for geospatial development over the next decade:

  • Mainstreaming geospatial: This strategy concerns reaching out to both traditional as well as non-traditional user segments. For example, through close collaborations with key partners in sectors such as social and healthcare, geospatial tools and solutions can support national programmes such as HealthierSG and the Enabling Master Plan 2030.
  • Deepening Singapore’s geospatial capabilities: This strategy is about deepening Singapore’s core geospatial capabilities in support of national needs, both in terms of data, as well as human capital. For example, SLA is developing and refreshing geospatial datasets in both the land and sea domains to meet national needs and help address complex challenges like climate change. SLA will also conduct the third nationwide aerial mapping exercise to refresh Singapore’s 3D models and is also working with key partners to provide more opportunities for mid-career professionals to make the shift into geospatial technologies and industries.
  • Progressing towards a leading global geospatial hub: The Master Plan addresses, in its third strategy, Singapore’s contribution to geospatial development on the global stage and acknowledges that the aim is to establish Singapore as a preeminent global geospatial hub for geospatial innovation. This strategy envisions this being accomplished via expansion of Singapore’s international presence in this sector through thought leadership, strategic partnerships, and flagship events.

Reference materials

The following materials are available from the SLA website www.sla.gov.sgMPA website www.mpa.gov.sg, and Ministry of Law website www.mlaw.gov.sg: