30 March 2022

From 15 March 2022, the Covid-19 requirements for the construction sector will be streamlined to align with the national move to simplify and rationalise Covid-19 rules. All sectoral Covid-19 rules for the construction sector will be removed, and Covid-19 workplace requirements for the construction sector will be set out in the Workplace Safety and Health (Covid-19 Safe Workplace) Regulations 2021 (“WSH Regulations”). Construction worksites and supply works premises will be subject to the same safe management measures (“SMM”) requirements that apply to any other workplace regulated under the WSH Regulations, with no additional sectoral requirements imposed.

Following the streamlining, SMMs such as (i) staggered use of shared facilities, (ii) allocation of zones and use of visual identifiers for workers in different zones, (iii) cleaning and disinfection for areas visited by Covid positive / Antigen rapid test positive (C+/Ag+) cases, (iv) cohorting workers from different employers, and (v) providing dedicated transport and staggered pick up and drop off for workers, are no longer required. Further, construction companies will no longer need to apply to the Building and Construction Authority (“BCA”) for approval of resumption and/or commencement of works and deployment of personnel to construction worksites and supply works premises (“Restart Applications”). BCA’s Covid-19 Safe Restart Criteria and Conditions of Approval for Restart (collectively, “Restart Criteria”) will also be completely removed. The construction sector, including companies that received BCA’s approval of Restart Applications before 15 March 2022, will no longer need to comply with the Restart Criteria with effect from 15 March 2022.

Further details are set out in a BCA Circular titled “Streamlining of Covid-19 requirements for the construction sector” issued on 14 March 2022 and available on BCA’s website www.bca.gov.sg. A set of frequently asked questions is appended to the Circular.


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