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ABCs of ESG - What organisations need to know about ESG

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Allen & Gledhill Regulatory & Compliance

An Introduction to the Covid-19 (Temporary Measures) Act 2020 - Chinese

An Update on Anti-Bribery and Anti-Money Laundering Approaches: ESG Perspective

An Update on Singapore's Response to Covid-19 for Businesses Overseas

Antitrust Amid Covid-19: 10 Key Takeaways to Managing Cartel, Deal and Other Conduct Risks

Artificial Intelligence and IP Protection


Banking & Finance

Blockchain & NFTs in 30 minutes: A Primer for A Non-Technical Audience


Capital Markets

China Practice

Climate Change - How It Affects Business

Common Tax Issues Arising from Mergers and Acquisitions

Competition & Antitrust

Competition Law in ASEAN: What to Expect in 2022 and Beyond

Competition Law in Indonesia: Overview, Updates and Trends

Construction & Engineering

Copyright Act 2021 - Unpacking the Key Changes to Singapore's Copyright Regime

Corporate & Commercial

Corporate Real Estate

Corporate Regulatory & Compliance

Corporate Services

Corporate Social Responsibility

Covid-19 (Temporary Measures) Act 2020: A Primer for Corporate Landlords and Property Owners

Covid-19 Financial Disruptions: Implications for Banks and Financial Institutions

Covid-19: Impact on Valuations in Assessment of Business and Damages

Covid-19: Key Legal Issues, Trends and Impact

Covid-Safe Restart Criteria for Construction Projects

Crypto Currency and Cyber Hacking Disputes - Remedies Against Persons Unknown

Cyberattacks and Data Breaches: What to do?

Cybersecurity & Data Protection


DB_Crypto Currency and Cyber Hacking Disputes - Remedies Against Persons Unknown

DB_Directors Duties and Responsibilities

Disclosures and Environmental Risk Assessments – Impact of ESG on Financial Institutions


Employment, Health & Safety

Energy, Infrastructure & Projects

Equity Fund Raising: REIT Perspective

ESG & Public Policy

EY - A&G Sustainability Awareness Session


Facing Covid-19: A Primer for Banks and Financial Institutions on Relief Measures

Facing Covid-19: Employer Obligations

Financial Distress & Restructuring Amid Covid-19

Financial Regulatory & Compliance

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From Employee Investigations to Summary Dismissals - Steps and Pitfalls


GE_Workplace Harassment - Prevention and Management

General Issues for the Manufacturing Industry - A Litigation Perspective

Groundhog Day in Disputes - How Prior Judgments and Arbitral Awards can Impact your Claims

Growth, Opportunities and Regulatory Developments in Vietnam


How is China Adapting Law and Policy to Revive the Economy and Attract Foreign Investment Before, During and After Covid-19?


Impact Investing, ESG Investing, Sustainability Reporting

Impact of Covid-19 on Real Estate: Effects and Trends

Impact of Covid-19 on S-REITs

Impact of Covid-19-related Legal Developments on Construction and Other Affected Contracts

India Practice

Indonesia Practice

Intellectual Property

International Arbitration

Investment Funds

Ipso Facto Clauses: Practical Considerations in the Context of Insolvency, Restructuring and Dissolution Act 2018

Islamic Finance

Issues on Force Majeure and Dispute Resolution under Covid-19


Judicial Management, Receivership and Cross Border Insolvency


Legal and Regulatory

Legal Effect of Insolvency on Real Estate Transactions


Living Green - Sustainability in Green Buildings and Construction


Managing Contractors in Financial Distress

Maritime & Aviation

Mergers & Acquisitions


Myanmar's Response to Covid-19


Navigating Employment Issues in the "New Normal"

Navigating ESG-related Disclosures and Reporting: Obligations, Risks and Practical Tips on Benchmarking and Implementation


Our Commitment to ESG

Overview of Consensual Restructuring and Schemes of Arrangements

Overview of Restructuring & Insolvency and Insolvent Liquidation




Personal Data Protection Statement


Practical Implications of MAS Guidelines on Environmental Risk Management

Practical Overview of Indonesia's Omnibus Law on Job Creation


Preventing White Collar Crime Amid Covid-19

Private Equity

Private Wealth

Protecting Information with Confidence During Covid-19 and Beyond

Protection and Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights on Social Media


Real Estate Investment Trusts

REIT IPOs and Secondary Offerings

Related Party Transactions and Conflicts: REITs Context

Restrictive Covenants in Employment Law

Restructuring & Insolvency


SOR to SORA Transition: Methods of Determining SORA and Latest Trends in the Loans and Bonds Market


Technology, Media & Telecommunications

Terms of use

The "Endurance Phase" and the role of Senior Leaders and Board Members

The Digital Workplace: Trends, Patterns and Relationships

The Tokenisation of Intellectual Property Rights - Is It a Plausible Reality or Myth?

Towards a Greater Impact: Public-Private Partnerships in Climate Change and Other Sustainability Initiatives

Towards a Sustainable Future - Understanding Green Finance, Sustainability-linked Finance and Reporting Requirements

Trusts as Protective Instruments – Bulletproof or Not?


Venture Capital


When Ships Collide: Does the Single Liability Principle Apply in Ship Collision Cases in Singapore Where One Claim is Time-Barred?

White Collar & Investigations