Proliferation of cyber attacks

Cybersecurity and data protection have become an integral part of any business. An increasingly connected global economy coupled with the rapid advancement of digital technology has also amplified concerns around the world about the proliferation of cybersecurity threats. With the heightened surge in high-profile cyberattacks and data breaches, data privacy risk management is essential to protect organisations from potential cybersecurity threats which could result in severe reputational and financial losses. Many organisations are encountering this new scourge, and operate in the expectation that there will be many more and varied attacks as Singapore fortifies its reputation as a Smart Nation.

Holistic approach to cybersecurity and data protection

Our experienced and dedicated team possesses a vast array of experience in all aspects of cybersecurity and data protection. Over the years, we have acted in relation to many of Singapore’s most high-profile incidents in this arena and have developed a deep understanding of the key regulators’ priorities from a data protection, privacy and cybersecurity perspective. Our unrivalled breadth and depth of expertise allows us to navigate the increasingly complex and rapidly evolving laws, regulations and industry best practices relating to cybersecurity and data privacy, and present our clients with holistic, informed and tailored legal advice.

Our team regularly advises clients across the entire cybersecurity lifecycle, including pre-attack risk management, post-attack crisis management, incident response, remedial actions, litigation and investigations. We also provide data protection advisory and consulting services, as well as regulatory advice on all cybersecurity matters.

Our team is also assisted by an in-house, PMP-certified technology consultant with over 15 years of diverse experience from the IT industry. This enables us to view the situation from a more holistic angle and provide clients with comprehensive legal solutions that take into consideration the technical complexities of a constantly changing technology landscape.

Wide capabilities across borders and industries

Sound knowledge of local laws, practices, industry understanding, and substantial experience, allows us to offer our clients bespoke legal solutions to a wide array of complex matters and emerging technologies such as blockchain, AI and 5G. Our clients include large corporations, government bodies and data-rich companies operating across a broad range of industries including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, financial services, healthcare, life sciences, telecommunications, technology, manufacturing and electronics, insurance and hospitality.

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