Challenges of FinTech

The FinTech sector is developing at lightning pace and new sources of disruption to existing financial and business models are constantly emerging. Dealing with the regulatory impact and frameworks in relation to new technologies such as distributed ledgers, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, requires out-of-the-box thinking coupled with a firm grasp of underlying policy.

Serving the FinTech ecosystem

Our long history as a full service firm means that we have more than a century of combined legal experience across the shifting sectors of financial regulation, technology, intellectual property and venture capital investments. This places us in a unique position to engage with and serve the FinTech ecosystem.

Since the emergence of Fintech, our FinTech Practice has been actively involved in FinTech-related proposals on policy, legislation and regulation.  This enables us to effectively assist and advise our clients on FinTech initiatives, which often require practical and innovative solutions based on obtaining the optimal balance between commercial needs and concerns, and regulatory aims and purposes. 

Being a key voice

With our breadth and depth of legal expertise and experience, and as one of the leading and most well-resourced firms in South-east Asia, we believe that we are a key voice contributing toward shaping the FinTech sector, while advising both agile incumbents and innovative entrepreneurs.

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