9 November 2023

Contributed by Allen & Gledhill Partners Daren Shiau, Elsa Chen and Scott Clements, Competition Law in Singapore: Overview provides a high-level overview of the antitrust and competition law rules for restraints of trade and dominance, merger control, and the analysis of joint ventures under competition law. The chapter is accompanied by a Merger Notification Flowchart.

The section on restraints of trade and dominance covers the regulatory framework applicable to horizontal and vertical restraints, monopolistic behaviour and abuses of dominance, the regulatory authorities, exemptions and exclusions, penalties, third-party claims, and appeals.

The section on merger control covers the relevant rules for acquisitions, notification requirements, the timelines and rules regarding publicity and confidentiality, the substantive test, remedies, penalties, third-party claims, and appeals.

Reproduced from Practical Law with the permission of the publishers. For further information, visit www.practicallaw.com.